Expedition Celebration

A big thank you to the children who learnt their lines so well for the celebration event on Tuesday.

Mrs Poncia was our special guest to the finale event to celebrate the completion of our “How can we protect people from Natural Disasters?” expedition before Easter.

We presented her with the poem that we wrote, as she lives in the village of Fishlake, devastated by the floods in 2019 – she is even mentioned in one of the verses! She was very impressed and loved our artwork.

The final product will be going to Fishlake.

Mrs Graves


Giving back to our mining community…

Today, Noah, Lola and Agrima represented crew 5/6 and took the money we raised for Markham Main mining memorial to Dennis along with copies of our anthology of poems. The poems will be placed on a plaque to go inside the memorial garden. We feel proud of our mining community and we desperately wanted to give something back to them once we had learnt all about the miners and how they shaped Doncaster in our last Expedition. The sponsored walk was an amazing way to raise funds and we’d like to thank everyone who took part and sponsored our pupils. The anthology of poems are available to purchase for £1 each and the money raised will be donated to Markham Main. We are so proud of you all 5/6!
-Miss Blackham


KS1’s Expedition Environment

Check out all of the stunning crafts and designs all our KS1 children have created during hook week – it really has been a fantastic and immersive week!

All the children have been buzzing with the crafts, activities (beach hut, lighthouse, cliffs, sand and sea collage, fish & chip shop and menus, donuts and waffles stand, boat, whale, fish, seaguls) and have lots of wonders about our new expedition ‘Would you staycation in Doncaster?’

We will be exploring Doncaster and comparing it to the seaside as part of our locality study!

Massive congratulations and thank you to everybody – Go crew!


Reflecting on learning

Myla made her castle and was very proud of what she produced.

This is what she said about her model.

“These are the turrets and these are the fire. I thought orange would be good as it would be good as it looks like fire. For the door I thought if I put tape onto it it might go up and down so that it closes. I think it needs more glue on to stop the turrets moving.”

Following crew this afternoon, Marnie realised that she could also get better at making models. This is what she said.

“I tried to use the glue on the side but it kept falling off. If I had put the roll on the flat piece it would have stuck better and if I used tape it would stop it moving. If I cut it then it would have been even better.”

Well done girls for reflecting on your learning.

Mrs Price


Hook week in 5W

5W have been thoroughly ‘hooked in’ to out new expedition: The Magic of Motion. Our week has consisted of an immersion day, (where all the children helped to decorate our classrooms and corridors) an Art and a Science day all linked to our Harry Potter theme. Have a nosey through our pictures and see what we got up to!

The making of the Hogwarts Express!
Floating candles.
Hogwarts Castle using watercolour paints.

Save our Planet

Today in English we had a fantastic discussion about how the Covid-19 epidemic , and particularly the lockdown, has had a positive impact on the environment by lowering air pollution.

This led on to great collaborative work to produce a poster encouraging people to ‘Save our Planet’. We were so engrossed with our work, that we didn’t want to stop – James and Mathew even asked to carry on working through playtime – shout out to you boys!

We critiqued each other’s worked to make improvements and then we presented our posters to the class. Well done Sumika for going out of your comfort zone by talking in front of everyone.

I felt very proud of the focus and dedication and the enthusiasm for the topic. Well done guys!

Mrs Graves


Fabulous Flames!

In KS1 yesterday our Expedition lesson was about how to draw fire and flames, we wanted to create fabulous 2D artwork. I think you will agree, the children have done an amazing job.

Darcy worked really hard on keeping his colouring in the lines, he thought carefully about the shape and brightness of his colours.
Ellis experimented with watercolours.
Talliah looked carefully at the models – look at her work in progress – her eye for detail is super.
Vittoria’s looking proud… look how she has carefully drew and coloured her flame. I love the sparks coming off it.


Plover school sharing the love 💗

I am so proud of all of the children who contributed to the Santander ‘thank key workers’ valentines display. This is the display so far and I am sure you will all agree, it looks beautiful! Keep an eye out for the video of all the contributions, which will be coming very soon! Well done everyone!
-Miss Blackham