Year 5

Hello Year 5,

For the Google Classroom you will need to go to the school website. The fact you’re reading this message means you’re here already!

Look towards to the top right corner and you should see where it says Log In.

Click on Log In and enter your username and password.

For example:




Your username will be the first part of your email address. So if your email is then your username is jbloggs.


You should know your password. If you have any problems with this then contact school.


When you log in the two icons you need the most are these.

The email allows us to send you messages – this maybe a password or help with a task.

The Google Classroom takes you to the tasks.

When you click on classwork the most important thing to remember is to click on View Assignment. When you have completed the task, click on Hand-In.

Stay safe and take care.

Mr Whitfield