Statutory Information

This page serves as a quick way of accessing the statutory information we have to share on our website. Updating this information is an on-going process.

School Contact Details

Please click this link to see information about contacting us

Admission Arrangements

This link will direct you to Doncaster Council Admissions website where parents/carers can submit and download on-line nursery, primary, secondary school and transfer between school application forms as well as full access to the Local Authority’s guidelines and Admission procedures.

If your child has a statement of Special Educational Need (SEN) or a proposed statement, you should contact the Special Educational Needs team using this link.

Ofsted Report

Please click on this link to read our most recent Ofsted report which was carried out in June 2015.




Assessment results

Please click this link to view our latest School data for 2018

Performance Tables

Please click this link to view our school performance tables.


Please click this link for information about the curriculum in school.

Behaviour Policy

Please click this link to access the school’s current Behaviour Policy.

School Complaints Procedure

Please click this link to access the LA’s complaint procedures.

Please see files below for the school’s complaints procedures and policy.

 Plover School Complaints Policy Procedure new 01.09.17.docx Download
 Plover Policy for Unreasonable Complaints.docx Download
 Plover School Complaints Policy Procedure.docx Download

Pupil Premium

Please click this link to read about the strategy for the school’s use of Pupil Premium funding.

PE and Sports Premium for primary schools

Please click this link to read about the funding school received for PE and sport.

Special Educational Needs (SEN) and disability information

Please click this link to access the school’s SEN Policy and accessibility plan. Click this link to view Plover Primary’s full SEN Information Report.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Equality objectives for the school are:

  • Ensure all learners are of equal value.
  • Relevant differences are recognised.
  • Foster positive attitudes relationships and a shared sense of belonging.
  • Staff recruitment and retention.
  • Removing any possible equalities and barriers that may exist.

Please click here to access the school’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy.

Governors’ information

Please click this link to access information about our school governors.

Charging and remissions policies

Please click this link to access the school’s current Charging and Remissions Policy.

Values and ethos

Please click this link to read the school’s vision and values.

Request for paper copies

If you require any of the information on this website as a paper copy we will be happy to provide it free of charge. Please ask at the school office.