Maths Investigations

As part of their learning about the 6 times tables, 4W have been undertaking an investigation linked with the 6 times tables.

In groups, they had to work out a range of different combinations for how many types of alien could be found on a planet. The investigation required them to use and apply their 6 times tables skills.

Fancy having a go at the investigation? Look below the pictures of the group work! Have fun!

Lest We Forget

“When you go home, tell them of us and say,
 For your tomorrow, we gave our today.”

John Maxwell Edmunds


New School Dinners

From this week, children will let us know which option they want for lunch each day. During registration they will say if they want the blue option or the red option, etc.

Here is the menu for this week:


Mon – Quorn Pattie

Tue – Sweet & Sour Chicken

Wed – Sausage & Yorkshire Pudding

Thu – Minced Beef Pie

Fri – Crispy Fish


Happy Holiday!

After a busy and hard-working half term the children have earned a well-deserved week off.

Enjoy the holidays 4W, you do deserve it! You’ve worked so hard and have really engaged with all your learning.

May I also thank parents, carers and families for all their support this half term and I continue to look forward working with you this year!

Have a good break.


Mr Whitfield

Magna Visit

4W enjoyed a fabulous visit to Magna yesterday!

The children enjoyed a workshop about magnets, learning different facts about magnets and conducting experiments linked to materials that attract to a magnet. Following that the children went to explore the Earth and Fire sections of Magna, having a play with the diggers and watching the spectacular fire tornado.

After lunch the children took part in an electrical circuits workshop, once again learning some interesting facts about circuits and the sorts of materials that conduct. 4W then visited the Water section and explored the different activities linked to water.

A busy and enjoyable day was had by all!

Marvellous Magna

Year 4 have had an awesome day at Magna as part of our science curriculum.

We extended our classroom learning with workshops about magnets and circuits and we brought our learning to life in the Earth, Water and Fire zones,

The children were fantastically well behaved and had a really great time.


Library Forms and a free Roald Dahl Book

Great excitement swept around 4W today when the children received two special items.

Firstly the children received a form to join the library. I would ask that you help your child to complete the form and bring it back to school as quickly as possible! Joining the library enables the children to access a wide range of books but also to enjoy many different activities organised by the library services.

Secondly, Miss Topliss has worked extremely hard in her role as English Leader. She has managed to secure a free book for each child. All of us in 4W are really grateful for all the work she has done with this!

Thank you Miss Topliss we are looking forward to taking our books home!!!

Finding out about Diwali

This afternoon 4W have been learning about the Hindu Festival called Diwali, also known as the festival of light.

The class had questions they had to find out about and worked as a group. Around the classroom were a range of different fact stations and the children also had iPads to help them.

On Friday, Years 3 and 4 will have their Diwali Day where they will undertake a range of different activities to learn about this festival.