Earth, Sun and Moon

Today the class explored the Earth Sun and Moon, we discussed rotations, orbits and wobbles. Would you believe the Earth orbit the Sun at an incredible speed of 67,000 mph (107,000 km/h)!

The end of Hook Week

Hook week has ended and 6 Ha are definitely hooked on our new expedition. We will continue to explore Space and boldly go where no class has gone before!

Parent Evening

Please can I ask for slips to be returned on Monday so I can try my best to accommodate your times.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend!


Today, after researching planets in our Solar System, we designed and wrote about our own!  The planet Sirrah (a made up planet) is a teaching world, where 6 Ha all go till they are 21….  We have a huge selection of worlds, cold, hot and very, very odd…. Unfortunately, none contain unicorns…


Yesterday, we sampled our new text for the term Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. We totally enjoyed reading the first paragraph and are looking forward to finding more out about our main character Liam.

The Planets

First I would like to congratulate the winners of the Reading Competition, it proves hard work does gain rewards!  Today has been another day, the children were mesmerised by the

Part of the 5 part BBC Planet Series, a superb programme and worth watch.

Tomorrow, paper mache!

Nando’s winners!

A huge well done to the above children who have read 50 times and have won a meal at Nandos! The children will be joining Mrs Ogle on Friday at 11:30 to enjoy their treat! Well done to everyone who has read at home, us teachers can see the impact and we encourage you to keep it up! Our next incentive starts on Monday and the reward will be a pizza making party at the end of Spring term at Pizza Express!
The rules are, children must read to someone and have a signature in their reading records or on paper. Only one signature a day counts and if children are struggling to read to an adult at home, they can read to their teacher during break/dinner to count towards their signatures! The first children to read 50 times will be given a place! We have more places on the next reward so all is to play for! Let’s keep up the reading 5/6!

Our New Theme SPACE!

Today, class 6Ha launched its new theme, “Is anyone out there?”.

We are very interested in planets, the universe and everything in between! Our class is building its own rocket!

Stay tuned for updates.