Google Classroom Pupil Guide

Google Classroom is an exciting piece of software that allows us place learning online!

In order to help the children access this easily, Mrs Graves has prepared a document that will help the children get on to Google Classsroom!

Please click on the link below

Pupil Step-by-step Guide to Accessing Google Classroom from Home


Morning 6Ha

Well, we are heading for the weekend, let’s hope the weather is good for us!

Remember to give yourself a break from school work on Saturday and Sunday. Drop me an email on Monday and let me know if you did anything interesting over the weekend.  I know we are limited to what we can do as we have to stay at home but get creative – you could learn a new skill!

I hope you all check in today, it was great to see a few more of you on line yesterday.

Keep safe

Mrs Coward

Good morning!

Good morning 5/6! On google classroom your Easter challenges have been added (with prizes to be won). Please have a look, I’d love to see as many of you as possible get involved! Whilst tomorrow is the start of your Easter holidays and you very much so deserve a break, I would love it if you could still check in on a morning so I know you are all safe and well. I care about you all very much and I am only an email away. I would love for you to send me daily emails/submit to google classroom with your challenges.
So please keep in touch and stay safe!
Shout out to Charlie J for this beautiful rainobs he has displayed!

Good Morning

Morning Everyone,


Hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Please check out the challenges set by Mrs Graves and Mrs Ogle – a few more fun ways to keep you entertained over the next few days.  I can’t wait to see some of your posters and videos – 2 shop credits for those who take part.

Come on 6 Ha, let’s help our phase to be the ones who have the most videos and poster – we can do this!

Mrs Coward


Meet the polar bears at YWP!

I know 6B loved learning about Polar bears as one of our class  animals in our autumn high energy expedition. Well now you can see them up close and personal live on Facebook today! Please ask an adult up if they can put it on for you and sit and watch with it with you. If you watch it, I’d love it if you could send me anything you learn, it looks very exciting! 

Good morning!

Good morning my lovely lot! I hope you are all safe and well! Today, your challenge is to head over to Mrs Graves’ blog and participate in her challenge. I would really like to see as many of you as possible get involved (I’ll award 2 shop credits for everyone that does).
Also, check out Mrs Ogle’s post on the front page and get involved in that too! (A further 2 shop credits for participating in that). I’m counting on my 5/6’s to be the top phase for getting involved! We can do it!

Song Challenge

How about getting your vocal chords warmed up and taking part in our song challenge?

We would like to join in with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s challenge to sing Any Dream Will Do and see our children perform the song.

So, can you practise the song ‘Any Dream Will Do’ from Joseph using the youtube backing track (link shared on this blog) and then get your grown up to film you performing it.

Send your videos to and we will make a compilation, as well as share with Andrew Lloyd Webber! (Grown-ups – Please only send videos if you are happy for your child to be seen online.)

Not sure of the words? Here is a link to the lyrics!



Good Morning

Hi Everyone,

I need your help – I’m looking for class 6Ha,  some of them seem to have gone into hiding – where are you?

Great work for those who are checking in daily (Jenisha, Maddison, Lucas A, Malaika, Liam, Emily and Lewis) but I would love to hear from the rest of you.

Remember it’s really important to try to keep some routine in our lives, I know I find it strange on the days I am not in school, but I try and keep to a structure to help my day go quicker!  I would love to see more of you checking in and completing some of the home learning set for you.  It’s really important to keep your brains active during this very strange time in our lives.

Hope to hear from you all today!


Mrs Coward