Perfect Poetry!

Our Year 6 Crew have been poets today!  After writing  all about the polish aircraft that crash landed over Hatfield Moors in the style of a newspaper report, the children were challenged to describe the tradgey in a poem, using precise word choices to create impact.

A shout out goes to Mia and also Shang for using alliteration and personification in their writing.

Luke also gets a shout out for writing his poem in first person, as if he is the ghost telling the story.

Keep up the good work, Crew Chapman.


5/6 Christmas cards

The time is nearly upon us to start thinking about Christmas in school. Many children and adults ask us about cards. Due to the current situation, we have thought about how best to go about the giving and receiving of cards in school this year.

This year, please only send cards to children in your year group bubble (eg 6B, 6H & 6C or 5W & 5K).

From December 1st, children can bring cards and place them in the year group post box. This will be in their classroom. Cards can be dropped in any day up until 11th December.

On 11th December, the post box will close and no further cards can come into school. This will mean all cards will enter a period of quarantine. On Tuesday 15th December, all cards will be given out.

Please ask a member of the 5/6 team if you have any further questions.

Thank you for your support in helping to enjoy the joy of giving and receiving cards, whilst keeping everyone safe.

Get ahead in your learning!

We will shortly be moving onto division using the bus stop method. Use this video to support you to get ahead in your learning.

Remember all maths lessons are accessible at the end of each week via google classroom to use as a revision tool. I am so impressed with the amount of children who are using google classroom to support their learning. Remember, if you share your learning with your teacher, you will be rewarded with crew coins!

Real war memorabilia!

We have lots of fun looking at real war memorabilia and discussing the items. The children had the opportunity to try some items on. They also had to guess who the items belonged to before sketching! The children have had such a fun day and they have learnt so much! Ask your children something they have learnt today. I know they’ll have lots to share!

Our WW2 expert visitor

Year 6 are just getting started with our WW2 expert! I can’t wait to experience this with them as I know the lady is extremely knowledgeable and has lots of fun activities planned. I just want to thank parents for contributing towards these experiences for our children as they really do get so much from them! Keep checking your child’s class blog for more pictures of what we get up to during the workshop!

Check year 6’s blog for more photos!

Our remembrance family learning creations!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I really hope you all enjoyed your treats last Friday! A huge well done to the winners:

Samuel- EYFS

Miksang- KS1

Kyan- LKS2

Dalton & Ashton (who sent in a joint entry)- UKS2

I hope you enjoy your prizes! Please keep a look out for our Christmas family learning competition launching soon!