Bring KS1 your rubbish!🚮♻️

Plover Crew – KS1 would like you to bring in any plastic bottles, plastic lids and plastic bags… as these will be very much needed for our Spring Expedition!

Also, if anyone knows any recycling experts, artivists or scientists who study the ocean (hydrologists), please come forward we would love to arrange an expert visit!

Get emptying those recycling bins 😅 thanks all!



Christmas Boxes

As a caring school, this year we have decided to support 2 worthy causes this Christmas. We are raising funds to support Dunelm’s ‘Deliver Joy this Christmas’ campaign and we are making up Christmas boxes to support the Wellness Center, in Intake with essentials and a Christmas surprise.

Both charities aim to support those in need which include the elderly with no family or a child in need.

If you would like to make a donation of £1 to support these 2 great causes then please pass this to your child’s class teacher by Friday 3rd December.

Thank you for your continued support.

Happy Christmas!

Miss Lister and Mrs Shuka


We Care Wednesday!


Today in Crew Chapman, we had to pass a ball around without using our hands.  This helped us to try and understand what it might be like to have a physical disability.  We have learnt that having a physical disability does not mean things can not be achieved but things may take a little longer, therefore we need to be patient.   A great discussion guys!


Today we are musicians!

In Year 6, we have been using technology to create music digitally.  We have been challenged to compose a piece of music that reflects a planet from out Solar System.  I can not wait to hear the finished compositions.



Christmas hamper fundraiser!

This Christmas we will be raffling off coloured Christmas hampers which would make the perfect Christmas gifts. Each class has been challenged with a colour and the idea is each child will contribute something in that colour to add to the hamper. The class with the most contributions will win a prize. Please see above for your child’s class colour and examples of hamper contribution ideas.


Playtime Perseverance and Teamwork

Thursday’s playtime was quite honestly the best in my career so far – and let’s be honest, I’ve seen my fair share of them at Plover! It was fabulous to see the children devise their own game which involved working together to be successful. I wonder if they will beat their score of 7 next week? I also wonder if they will be brave enough and silly enough to let me join in! 😉



Keep up the creativity guys!

Mrs Haycock


Product Preparation

Year 6 have worked collaboratively across classes this week, busying themselves with the production of the content for their final product. They worked so hard and blew away those who came to check-in on our learning. I hope everyone is incredibly proud of themselves. I know I am proud of everyone!

Mrs Haycock